Sunday, February 5, 2017

Meet the cowards: Republican lawmakers have nothing to say about Trump's anti-Muslim decree

Mitch McConnell, call your office.

Meet the Republican cowards. While green card holders and war refugees are being denied entry at our nation's airports, here's what America's least American lawmakers are talking about instead. Fun fact: more than one of them attended something called a "March for Life" yesterday, and were more than happy to tell America about it. For those same lawmakers today, today’s bizarre new order doesn’t rate even a mention.

While Paul Ryan gives Trump's actions the thumbs-up—even after condemning the thought of such a "ban" during the campaign, because he is a craven liar with no principles of his own—almost everybody else is in hiding.

Because there is no moral or ideological stance, no talk of "freedom" or "liberty" or America as rescuer of the downtrodden, that will override the deeper Republican need to protect their own power. It's that simple, and everyone needs to stop making bullshit excuses for them. They support this.

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