Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Yet another reason Republicans are out of touch with reality

AZGOP Chairman Slams AZ Democratic 
Party for Siding with Big Marijuana

Chairman Robert Graham Blasts Government-Backed Marijuana Sales

PHOENIX - Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham today ridiculed a press release sent out by the Arizona Democratic Party declaring support for Proposition 205. 

“It is no surprise that the Arizona Democrats came out in favor of big government in supporting Proposition 205. The crony capitalist web of regulations and red tape that will be put in place by Proposition 205’s 20 pages will dramatically harm our state’s innovative economy and scare business away,” said Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham.

“Special interests colluding to create and protect a commercialized industry that profits from expanded drug use among Arizona’s kids? This voter-protected Proposition is no good for Arizona and our Party will do whatever it takes to ensure Arizona does not become Big Marijuana and Big Government’s next victim,” Graham added.

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