Friday, September 2, 2016

Good riddance to the Kenny Evans era

Kenny the Who is now Kenny the Gone.

If you read the Payson Roundup's recent eulogy to ousted local politician Kenny Evans, you probably couldn't believe your eyes.  Besides doing virtually nothing as Payson mayor, including his infamous four year university, Evans also took credit for bringing Blue Ridge/Cragin water to Payson - an accomplishment of the preceding administration of Bob Edwards.  Yet the Roundup lavishly praised his administration and questioned the intelligence of the voters who wisely ousted him and his lackey Michael Hughes.

Here, in the interest of balanced coverage, are some responses from local residents to the Roundup piece:

Mary Kastner 4 hours, 9 minutes ago

You have got to be kidding me....Kenny Evans on the RCEA (SLE) ?? His negotiating skills remain to be seen - no university partner after all these years and a hurry up scheme to build some infrastructure to show progress. His agenda was decidedly renounced in this primary election - neither he nor Hughes were chosen by the people to continue to serve Payson and the Rim Country. It's time for Evans to hang it up.

Mike White 3 hours, 22 minutes ago

I have to wonder whether the recent election results were a referendum on the unpopularity of the not-very transparent and continually changing university project, with which Mr. Evans has been closely involved, according to all reports and discussion I have read. If my interpretation that the election was in fact a public rejection of how the project has been handled is true, then perhaps the MHA/RCEA/RCEF/SLE should instead bring in community members who have NOT been involved in the project.

Paul Frommelt 1 hour, 37 minutes ago

The will of the people has been expressed. It is now time for The Roundup to stop beating the drum for Evans and realize that many of his actions as mayor were TERRIBLY unpopular, secretive, and unasked for. Let's look forward to a 'new vision' that focuses on Payson, and not a university from the valley of the sun!

Dolores Dailey 1 hour, 16 minutes ago

I literally had to laugh out loud at this ridiculous article touting the virtues of Kenny Evans and how the voters were not educated enough on his magnificent mayoral style. Really? How educated does one have to be to see that after 6 years of promises of a full campus university, we have none. More importantly, we have no commitment from any university to come to Payson. During his tenure have we been blessed with any light industry in Payson? The answer to that is 'no'. After 8 years of Evans, are the streets in Payson in good shape? The answer to that is also no. What happened to the charter school Evans said was coming? Haven't heard anything about that in a long while.
To say Evans lost the campaign because the voters were not educated is disingenuous. He lost because folks saw through him and his endless promises and voted him out.

jeffrey Aal 26 minutes ago

Voters made a grievous mistake? Seriously, that is the most condescending statement a paper could make to its readers. Are we just not enlightened enough? Too short sighted? STUPID? Please explain how everybody got it so wrong?


Jim Keyworth said...

Editor's note: The Gazette received a comment criticizing us for using the words of others instead of our own to indict the regime of former Payson mayor Kenny Evans.

Please note that we pointed out in our own words that Evans failed to deliver on most all of his promises, most notably the four year university. We could have mentioned the sports institute incident where Evans claimed negotiations were progressing to bring said institution to Payson. That sports institute categorically denied having any contact with Payson officials. We also noted that Evans took credit for Blue Ridge/Cragin when, in fact, the deal was sealed under the administration of former mayor Bob Edwards.

We were impressed by what Roundup readers had to say about the glowing eulogy in the Roundup for the Evans era. They said what we felt and said it very well.

Anonymous said...

My point was is that your entire blog is not your writings, but cut and paste of others work. Even when there is low hanging fruit for the taking.

Jim Keyworth said...

If you don't like it, don't read it. How much simpler could it be. Unless, of course, your motive is to discourage others. Or to cover up your newspaper's own inadequacies.