Thursday, January 28, 2016

Is Roundup telling all about 4-year university?

(Recent information received from several sources by the Gazette Blog suggest that there is a lot more to the 4-year university story than the Payson Roundup is reporting.  The following from Rim Country resident Don Evans also suggests possible conflicts of interest.  Anybody with corroborating information is welcome to submit it to

Read the below post before it is removed from the Roundup Blog/Community Discussions:
FYI- A different article comment post of mine under the Jan 26 charter school article "Brand New Buildings, Cheerful Children Roundup reporter tours American Leadership Academy’s brand new school in Queen Creek" was deleted by John Naughton for being in very poor taste? Of course Mr. Naughton the publisher, may do as he wishes with his newspaper.  He never mentions publicly that he is an active board member of the MHD Foundation. He serves along with Mayor Kenny Evans and Councilwoman Sue Connell. This board is the  current primary proponent, planning, and funding source for the proposed University project and supporting the ALA Charter School Plan. All the other alphabet soup boards are subordinate to this one.

Ref: Roundup News article Tuesday, Jan 26 2016
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Well, it's about time the private cabal and nexus of special RCEA, RCEA, and MHA board members came out from under their desks. Most of us must have missed all the so called public forums on the University project? They inform you what they are going to do, but you have no say in it. Shielding Payson Taxpayers, now that's a hoot. Who do you think is going to get the bill for what Mr. White has stated. (article comments section) New roads, existing road expansion, traffic, water and delivery system, increased Police, Fire, Medical services, road maintenance, etc? Yeah right, the University private spin off business's will fund all of it. The Payson Mayor is a voting board member on the MHA Foundation, a University project funding source. Payson Councilwoman Connell, appointed by the Mayor to serve on the same MHA Board and the RCEA Board. And they will be having to vote on University/Charter school Plans and private business development requests (zoning/permits) in their official Town Government positions? Then there are the two RCEA board members who are not even Payson residents, voting and making decisions on what is best for Payson and what it's priorities should be??? You know, things like infrastructure needs, future Payson commercial business developments, Payson Town Service increase needs. Why do they have any say on what occurs within our Town limits? Can you say Star Valley wants a piece of the action? My opinion.
Don Evans


Anonymous said...

Being that it the letter was in poor taste, publishing here is a good fit.

Jim Keyworth said...

By what conceivable definition can you say that the letter was in poor taste, courageous Mr. Anonymous. I challenge you to respond, but I know you can't. You don't have the cajones to use your name and you don't have a leg to stand on. What our sources, impeccable sources I might add, are telling us is being perpetrated on Rim Country citizens is absolutely appalling. There are people who want to take this story to New Times. You won't get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Sharpen your reading comprehension skills. I never made that claim. You printed it.

"...was deleted by John Naughton for being in very poor taste."