Thursday, August 21, 2014

We must find ways to collect rainfall

[Gazette Blog Editor's note: The following by James Quinones is excerpted from the Aug. 21 edition of The Arizona Republic.  To read the whole article, go to]

Our dry desert soil cannot absorb more than one-fourth of an inch of rain per storm.  Any more than that, and the water stays on the surface and becomes runoff that flows down and out of the Valley....

So as our climate continues to change all around the world, our weather patterns will become more inconsistent and difficult to predict.  And as we continue to become drier in the Southwest, we must find ways to trap the precious water that falls from the sky and store it to use at a later time.

[This isn't the water story you get from the Payson Roundup, which recently claimed our water problem is solved.  If you don't like living with your head in the dry, dry Rim Country ground (despite the recent storm, our total for the year is about 7 inches), why not have the Republic delivered to your doorstep seven days a week?  For your subscription, call toll-free 1-800-332-6733.]

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