Sunday, August 31, 2014

But we've got more water than we can ever use. -Mayor Kenny Evans and the Payson Roundup

Low water levels close C.C. Cragin (Blue Ridge) Reservoir and FR751 for the season


From the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service website

Beginning Friday, August 22, the entire C.C. Cragin (Blue Ridge) Reservoir, as well as Forest Road 751, has been closed for the season. Rock Crossing Campground nearby will remain open for the season.

The closure will encompass the entire reservoir -– not just the boat ramp -– for public safety due to low water levels, loose rock falling on and around the boat ramp, as well as improvement work throughout the area. Forest managers on the Mogollon Rim Ranger District plan to reopen the reservoir in the spring.

For additional information and suggestions for other recreational opportunities in the area, visit our website at or contact the Mogollon Rim Ranger District at 928-477-2255.


Anonymous said...

You are showing your true colors and have hit a new low, especially since you claim to be a journalist and want people to know the truth.

You repeatedly accuse The Roundup of only printing one side of or an incomplete story. You then encourage people to read your favorite paper to get "the whole story".

So why did you post such an incomplete story?

Did you not do any investigation?

Are you just taking shots at the current administration to try to make them look bad by lying, even if it's by omission?

Tell the whole story.

It's intentionally being drained so low in order to do maintenance work on the pipe. With the water level so low, there is a danger to the public, hence the closure.

Jim Keyworth said...

First, as always, thanks for the comment. We appreciate hearing from those who see Blue Ridge as a limitless supply of water - however misguided.

Second, the Gazette Blog posted the press release about maintenance work on the pipeline a few days ago. We are deceiving no one.

Third, the above post that offended you was a press release that we printed in its entirety.

Finally, it is a well-known fact that Blue Ridge levels have been historically low this summer due to the continuing drought. It is not a limitless supply of water, and it is stupid and deceitful for the mayor to piss it away on private, gated golf courses (and an abdication of the Roundup's responsibilities to not challenge him when he makes idiotic statements about pumping that water back out of the golf course and reselling it). Maybe the reason Councilor Ed Blair did so poorly in the recent election is that he gullibly accepted Kenny's comment about using that water twice.

Sorry, but we believe the situation that resulted in closing Blue Ridge was exacerbated by the low water level that existed in the first place. And surely you can't deny that the Payson Roundup routinely talks about how we no longer have to worry about water in the Rim Country.

And the Republic is far from my favorite newspaper. It's just the fairest one that covers matters of importance to Rim Country residents and an attractive, cost-effective alternative to the local paper. That toll-free number to subscribe is 1-800-332-6733.

Jim Keyworth said...

It's me again, your humble editor. Just reread the original post above and realized it actually states that the Cragin closure is attributed in part to low water levels. That was exactly my point in posting the item.

The gentleman who took me to task for being dishonest needs to get his reading glasses checked - or maybe his own integrity.

I repeat: Mayor Kenny Evans and the Payson Roundup are doing this community a grave disservice by implying that it's OK to piss our water away on private golf courses and swimming pools in gated communities.

Jim Keyworth

Anonymous said...

Yes, closed to low water levels.

Low water levels because they intentionally lowered those levels so that they can do maintenance.

Why is is you can't debate an issue without insults?

You make a lot of assumptions without basis. The first comment never said anything about agreeing with The Mayor. Also no indications that the writer is a male of female.

Maybe you should check your own integrity. The first comment only pointed out the fact that a slanted, one sided story, without all the facts, was posted.

By doing so, it reduces your credibility.

Jim Keyworth said...

According to the original press release, which we printed in its entirety, the SRP maintenance was not supposed to empty the reservoir and cause it to be closed. Here's what it said:

"Even though the boat ramp will be open during this time, large boulders near the end of the boat ramp will be exposed and launching a boat will be challenging, and sometimes not possible. Additionally, heavy trucks transporting material to the work site may restrict access to the reservoir and boat ramp for short periods during the day."

It is reasonable and logical to assume that the unanticipated closure resulted from low water levels due to a lack of rainfall - also known as a drought.

And what does the sex of the writer have to do with anything. I repeat - giving potable water to a gated community to use on its hoity-toity golf course is pure stupidity at best - something much more nefarious at worst.

I don't care if you're a boy or a girl. I do care if you're a Chaparral Pines resident or have some connection to the Roundup. That would explain why are you so hell-bent on twisting this simple news item out of all proportion.

Anonymous said...

I'm not twisting anything out of proportion.

I'll type slow so you can understand.

You ridicule The Roundup and claim they tell a slanted, incomplete story when you do the same.

Then you hide behind a self righteous "well that's the press release..."

Tell the whole story and let the reader form an informed opinion.

No it is not reasonable and logical to assume what you conclude.

The pipe that requires maintenance is at a very, very low level of the lake. To do the repairs, they had to lower the water level to an extreme. When they lower water levels to a point below that pipe to do repairs, the starting level of water and the lack of rainfall is irrelevant.

I'm not minimizing the drought but the lack of rainfall is not the cause of low water levels.

And why is the water level low? Because they drained it. Something they do every year. But this year they drained it even lower to expose a pipe.

The release states "The closure will encompass the entire reservoir -– not just the boat ramp -– for public safety due to low water levels, loose rock falling on and around the boat ramp, as well as improvement work throughout the area."

I don't see "unanticipated" in there.

Jim Keyworth said...

Clearly, your understanding of responsible journalism is limited - probably intentionally to serve some nefarious end.

This entire discussion started because the Payson Roundup routinely neglects to fact check what Payson Mayor Kenny Evans spews - no matter his obvious and blatant falsehoods and fabrications about giving precious water away to gated communities to use on their private golf courses and swimming pools. Let's not lose sight of who the bad guys are in this saga.

You are reading a press release one way; I see it another way. Regardless, potable water should never, ever be used on golf courses in the Southwest, much less on hoity toity private courses built for the exclusive use of the "privileged" classes.

Where are your ethics, man? Or should I say "person."

Anonymous said...

"... probably intentionally to serve some nefarious end."

"... something much more nefarious at worst."

Your tin foil hat need adjusting.

Release the water to run down the river and eventually (hopefully) end up in the water table end or release it over golf turf and college ball fields. It ends up the same.

" precious water away to gated communities."

Do some fact checking of your own. In addition to other numerous costs such as paying for the water, the clubs owners paid over 1 million to install pipelines to the clubs and possible future college. Then, deeded them to the city saving the city future expenses it can't afford.

You are the one spewing an obvious and blatant falsehood and fabrication.

The contracts are available from the City.

Do some fact checking

Jim Keyworth said...

And why does the Town of Payson need to own a pipeline to Chaparral Pines? Oh, that's right, to deliver potable water to its hoity toity gated golf course. Gee, I wonder why Chaparral Pines would make such a generous gesture?

And do you really believe a 4-year college is coming to Payson? Really? What has Kenny delivered on so far. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

And yes, running water down a river will result in a lot more reaching the water table than watering acres and acres of grass. It is a fact that only 13-19% of water used for irrigation ever gets to the water table.

Sorry neighbor-who-walls-himself (or herself)-off-from-the-rest-of-us, there is no way you can justify taking our public water supply for your private golf course and swimming pools.