Friday, May 9, 2014

World Nature Organization (WNO) founded

For four years, states keenly supported the initiative for establishing the World Nature Organization (WNO). Now, the intergovernmental organization has been founded and the WNO treaty enters into force. 

Geneva- Emerging and developing countries, already suffering the consequences of global warming, climate change and other devastating natural disasters, have founded the World Nature Organization. Thus, the founding treaty – the WNO treaty – enters into force and represents the cornerstone for the new platform on global environment protection.

On one hand, the founding countries of the World Nature Organization (WNO) pursue a holistic approach to global environmental problems that transcend national borders. On the other hand, they wish to create a permanent global negotiation platform with the World Nature Organization. The founding countries have clearly expressed their intention to prevent the World Nature Organization from becoming another international and bureaucratic hub.

Their approach is to create a permanent, global and effective negotiation platform. Their primary focus is to combine forces, previously spread across different organizations and thus ignoring the cross-linking of the global challenges. This is accompanied by the intention to conserve financial resources and avoid duplication of efforts by different organizations.

Even though founding countries of the WNO greatly appreciate the efforts and contributions of different organizations and conferences, they are convinced of the necessity to combine forces – as the status quo of international efforts in environmental protection demonstrates. When building the WNO, they rely on decentralized, modern, effective and cost-efficient structures. The WNO bodies are the General Assembly and the Secretariat.

“Think globally, act locally”
The World Nature Organization will thus become an international, permanent platform for exchange between governments. At the same time, the WNO will serve as a platform for international research. It also seeks to close the legal gap at global level and the implementation gap. According to the motto “think globally, act locally”, the WNO is characterized by a light structure that operates locally in collaboration with regional offices and serves as the link to the economic sector, NGOs and society.

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