Saturday, May 3, 2014

Billions of burgers isn't good for our planet

McDonald's sign
It's popular to "go green" these days -- and practically mandatory to at least pretend to. Well, the Golden Arches gang is no exception. Recently McDonald's announced a plan to start purchasing "sustainable beef" for their hamburgers in 2016.

While "sustainable beef" hasn't yet been defined, one thing is clear: There's nothing sustainable about the 6 million hamburgers McDonald's sells every day. Shocking recent studies show meat production is one of the most devastating industries on the planet -- a huge contributor to climate change and pollution, as well as habitat loss for a wide array of endangered species.

Offering meat-free alternatives is one way restaurants can reduce their environmental footprint and help save wildlife. But McDonald's doesn't offer a single sandwich, wrap or salad with plant-based protein -- even its French fries contain beef flavoring.

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