Wednesday, December 12, 2012

WW2 hero Floyd Landers dies

Floyd Landers and family.
From Bill Sahno
     As you may recall, earlier we presented a collection of "WWII Medals" to local Army veteran, Mr. Floyd Landers who fought during WWII and distinguished  himself on Omaha Beach in Normandy.
    Floyd passed away a few days ago and I wish to advise you of the plans for his Memorial Service.
DATE:  Saturday, 29 December.
PLACE:  The Pioneer Cemetery in Payson.
     The Payson Military Honor Guard will be present and render honors.  I consider this to be an official detachment function and ask all Marine Corps League Detachment members to be present for Mr. Landers' Memorial Service, schedules permitting.
    I am also informing the American Legion and the VFW of the Memorial Service and inviting them to join with all of us to honor this distinguished WWII  Army Veteran and Payson resident.
           Please pass the word to All Hands and let's provide a distinguished WWII Veteran the honor that he has earned and deserves.

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