Monday, December 17, 2012

LETTER: Sensible gun control now

In this violent culture, a liberal interpretation of the Second Amendment is no longer remotely tolerable. As we continue to suffer from this epidemic of mass-murder, grieve as you will but recognize that clasping your hands together, closing your eyes and hoping won’t accomplish anything: We cannot wish this problem away. And teaching religious hocus-pocus in public schools won’t accomplish diddlysquat. Encourage your elected officials to do sensible gun control.
Alan R. Hudson


Jim Estess said...

In rebuttal: Mr Hudson, we do not need to teach religon in schools, but we do need to allow kids to believe in God if they choose to do so and to NOT be afraid or ashamed to express their beliefe for fear of explusion or reprisal. Prayer may not acomplish what we hope it will, but it is of no consequence to anyone if a person says a prayer, therefore prayer should not be condemed or forbiden. As to gun control, we are probaby past the point in time that any meanigful gun control is even possible but I certainly support all efforts to try. Jim Estess Formerly of Pine

Anonymous said...

The second admendment was not about hunting rights, it was about the right of the people to revolt against an unjust government.
I am not opposed to sensible controls, fingerprinting, and mental health questions. We can and should ban assult rifles. We also need to establish real controls on people with mental health issues. Society can no longer afford to pretend mental illness is not a huge issue. We have to have the ability for families to commit mentally challenged individuals and we need a system which protects society from violent offenders. Real solutions require tough decisions from families and they need to know we have excellent facilities to care for their loved ones. We spend billions every year for so many social programs, let's reallocate those funds to provide for the mentally ill.

Anonymous said...


Have you ever had a sawed off shot gun shoved in your face by a robber? I have. Prohibition didn't stop drinking, and gun control won't stop the thugs and mentally ill from obtaining guns. It will only stop law abiding citizens from defending themselves against these evils in the world.

If you haven't been a victim of a violent crime involving a gun, then you have no idea what this right had done for us victims to save lives. The media blows this stuff completely out of proportion. Did you know that according to the CDC, more people are killed by drunk drivers than by guns? Should we outlaw cars?

Give me a break.