Monday, September 26, 2011

Hazardous fuels thinning projects under way

Payson, Ariz. (September 25, 2011) – Payson Ranger District fire specialists have announced the beginning of two hazardous fuels thinning projects which will be taking place over the next six months.

One project will be maintenance thinning on 3,522 acres, cutting all re-growth brush on existing fuel breaks. The work will began Sept. 22 around Payson and will eventually move to the Pine/Strawberry area. The operation is projected to take place for approximately six months.

The second project is machine mastication of existing piles in and around the Colcord Estates area, approximately 603 acres. The project will begin the week of Sept. 26 and last three to four months.

For information about mechanical fuels reduction operations, please call the Payson Ranger District at 928-474-7900. Residents can also stay updated on forest information at

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