Saturday, April 8, 2017

ABC News: Syrians Knew Of Attack, Moved Personnel, Critical Targets.

Per ABC News, an eyewitness to last night’s attacks advised that the Syrian military knew of the forthcoming attack and acted in advance to move military targets out of harm’s way.

Syrian military officials appeared to anticipate Thursday's night raid on Syria's Shayrat airbase, evacuating personnel and moving equipment ahead of the strike, according to an eyewitness to the strike.
The ABC report describes the unidentified witness as a local resident and a "human rights activist." It does not go into detail.  However, this morning CNBC confirmed that the Administration advised Russia of the pending attacks (not unusual). The rationale was purportedly  that Russian troops were in the area. In fact, the Russians were apparently advised before any members of Congress—or the State Department.

It should be emphasized that this is one report, and one witness. The fact that Syria may have anticipated the attack on the base is also not in and of itself indicative of direct foreknowledge, as it may have been precautionary. If his statements are accurate, however,  there is a possibility that what we are witnessing, despite all of the nonstop chatter you will hear over the weekend, is essentially a charade.

Also reported at Raw Story. 

Update: Syrian source tells AFP they were warned prior to the attacks.

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