Tuesday, August 9, 2016

We Will Not Allow an Insecure, Wannabe Tyrant Destroy the Rule of Law in America

Sen. Elizabeth Warren. (photo: Joshua Roberts/Reuters)
Sen. Elizabeth Warren. (photo: Joshua Roberts/Reuters)

By Elizabeth Warren, Elizabeth Warren's Facebook Page
At the Republican convention, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made a gross confession about why he won’t allow for a vote on President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee: “On that sad day when we lost Justice Scalia, I made another pledge that Obama would not fill this seat. That honor will go to Donald Trump next year.”

The Republicans are no longer afraid to admit that they want Donald Trump to appoint the next generation of judges. Why? Because they want those judges to tilt the law in favor of big businesses and billionaires like Trump.

This month, Judge Merrick Garland officially breaks the record for longest wait for a Senate confirmation vote of any Supreme Court nominee in history. And he’s going to break that record by a landslide, because even if Mitch McConnell had a sudden change of heart, the Republicans just gave themselves a seven-week summer vacation.

But let’s be real: Mitch McConnell said recently there’s no vote coming in September. The Senate Republicans would rather reject their Constitutional duty and hope for a new Republican President – hope for a guy who very publicly race baited a federal judge because the judge refuses to bend the law for that candidate’s financial interests.

We will not allow a small, insecure, thin-skinned wannabe tyrant or his allies in the Senate to destroy the rule of law in the United States of America. It’s never been more important to take back the Democratic majority in the Senate – so that when we beat Donald Trump in November, we finally end the Republicans’ stranglehold of our courts.

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