Monday, April 14, 2014

Mr. Elitist, tear down this wall!

Time to revisit gated communities - with a bulldozer

By Jim Keyworth
Gazette Blog Editor

Kudos to the Cave Creek Town Council for denying the request of a property owner to have the first gated community in town.  The council denied the request by a 5-2 vote last week, according to The Arizona Republic.

"Why should we do this? ... I'm hard-pressed to come up with a benefit to the town," Councilman Reg Monachino said.  "Next month gates will be on the west side, and then it will be the whole town."

What was the Payson Town Council thinking when it allowed Chaparral Pines, the Rim Club and a couple other gated communities to put up their walls and cast out the public?  Gated communities are elitist and un-American.  They represent the worst in human behavior.

What's next?  Moats filled with alligators?  It's time to revisit the concept in Payson - with a bulldozer.  

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