Thursday, March 13, 2014

Schwalm introduces 8 PSWID candidates
PSWID Meeting - March 20th at 6pm
will be held at PSWID Admin. Office
6306 W. Hardscrabble Rd, Pine AZ 85544


APRIL 19TH - Meet & Greet the Candidates
at the Ramada in Pine - MARK YOUR CALENDAR

(more details to follow)
Hello Neighbor,

A special election is being held to elect seven
new PSWID Board Members on May 20, 2014.

    There are eight people running for the board:

    1.    Larry Bagshaw
    2.    Rus Brock
    3.    Richard James
    4.    Trent McNealy
    5.    Paul Randall
    6.    Sam Schwalm
    7.    Don Smith
    8.    Tom Weeks

I haven’t known some of these gentlemen for
very long, but over the last couple of months we
have spent many hours talking about the issues
and challenges that face the future board. All
eight candidates have a common goal to restore
thepublic’s trust in PSWID by conducting
business in the open and by respectfully
addressing the questions, concerns and ideas
that members of the community have. There is
strong agreement that the board needs to use
the community’s money carefully and to obtain
the best value for that money.

In my view, you can’t go wrong no matter for
whom you vote. However, I do strongly
encourage you to cast your ballot as a show of
support for the new board and the new direction
on which they will be embarking.

Candidate Meet & Greet:
A "Meet and Greet" with the PSWID candidates
is being planned for April 19th, at the Ramada
next to the Pine Cultural Center. Details are still
in progress and will be communicated later, but
circle the date on your calendar. We look forward
to meeting you.

Election Information:
at the First Baptist Church of Pine on Election
Day, May 20, 2014 – open from 6am to 7pm. If
a voter fails to receive, has lost, or spoiled their
original vote by mail ballot, they may be issued
a replacement ballot.

Arizona Statute 48-1012 (F) allows that in
addition to any other qualified elector of the
district, any natural person who is a qualified
elector of this state and an owner of real property
within the district is eligible to vote in the district
election without regard to that person’s residency.

Translated, that means that you don’t have to
be registered to vote in Pine or Strawberry to
be able to vote in the PSWID election. Please
make sure that you are a currently registered
voter and listed on the Gila County Assessor’s
tax roll for property located within PSWID district.
It is required that this documentation be current
so that your vote may be authenticated. All ballot
signatures will be authenticated. 
 Note: this form refers to the term “Early Ballot”
however, it is only used to update information –
there are no early ballots for this election.

Please help get the word out to all your
neighbors (part-time & full-time residents and
friends) who live in the Pine Strawberry Water
Improvement District that this is a very important
election for the Pine Strawberry community. The
Gila County website is being updated so be
patient with finding information - you may also
call one of the numbers below.
    •    Basic information on the ELECTION 
    •    Complete voter information Gila County Recorders
          or by calling 928- 402-8740 or toll free at 800-304-4452

- Sam Schwalm

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