Saturday, March 1, 2014

300,000 movie extras needed to break record

Denver, February 25, 2014 -- Dream Maker Films, a Colorado based production company, is now in pre-production for the new Sci-Fi movie, “The Energy Begins”. To fulfill script requirement the film needs 6000 extras in each state, about 300,000 nationwide or just over 300,000 to break a world record.  

Neighborhoods, parks, city streets, and skyscrapers are some of the many filming locations across the US where thousands of people will take pictures of something strange in the sky. Over the next year, camera crews in each state will be hired to film the scenes with the extras.

Manager Terry Spar said, "We've been asked why not use CGI? Our answer is simple, real is real and the footage of real crowds across the country is crucial to the film. We can’t do this without the extras, so it’s urgent for us to get the word out now.  We’re spending the first year filming the scenes with the extras and will start production on the rest of the film soon after.”

In our world there’s a positive and negative balance.  Few become drawn to the very ends of a single side.  Those exceptional few develop unimaginable powers called, The Energy.  Whether they know it now or not, they will have the power to destroy our world or save it, and both sides will try.

This is a great opportunity for a lot of aspiring actors, artists, and crew across the US to get experience and to be a part of history.  All extras should add their name to the list by visiting  All other cast and crew should sign up at  Both websites are owned by Dream Maker Films.  

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