Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Healthcare website works - now what's your problem?

Dave Johnson

OK works now. The people in states that didn’t set up their own websites can get insurance. The great panic of October/November 2013 is over. What will we be whipped into a lather over this week? What will the media sensationalize next? What about our real problems?

Will the media whip the public up into a frothing fit over the terrible state of the nation’s infrastructure? What about the millions of unemployed, underemployed and underpaid (and how they could get jobs if we start fixing the infrastructure)? What about the 443,000 Americans who will die from tobacco this year, and next year, and every year? What about the pending collapse of coastal real estate prices when people realize that climate change is real? Will it be the terrible trade deficit that is draining our economy and is killing the middle class?

The answer is: probably not. We are probably going to be manipulated into being all worried about something that either makes a ton of money for a bunch of large corporations (to the detriment of smaller businesses and the rest of us), or something that ends up benefitting the Republican Party. Because that’s how our modern corporate media works now.

For decades the Republican/conservative/corporate machine has worked to “inject” their topics into the national media. For the last few weeks it was “Oh my God the Health Care website doesn’t work, shut down the government” followed by “A few people claim their health care costs went up and maybe that is because of Obamacare and not insurance company greed – never mind that tens of millions can 
finally get health care.”

Anyway, we’ll see. But we can be sure the corporate media will work to whip the public into a lather about something that distracts from the country’s real problems. Because that’s how our modern corporate media works now.

People tend to follow where the media points their noses. For example, “Black Friday.” People get all whipped up about “Black Friday” to the point where they are fighting each other in stores over a 40% discount on crap. (Even bringing stun guns to move other shoppers out of the way.)

PS you have 200 people in line, and you have 24 items on special sale, and you don’t think there’s going to be fighting and chaos? Really?

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Anonymous said...

I disagree with your claim that it's the republicans that are the entire problem. both sides of the aisle have lost the true point of the job WE elect them to do and that is govern, not rule. both parties are guilty of corporate welfare and crony capitalism for a few more dollars of bribe, payoff or as it's more commonly known in DC,"campaign conributions". The real problem is the media which is only out for ratings revenue and not for informing the public in an objective reporting of the news. It used to be "who, what, where, when". now we get all of that PLUS the opinion of the corporate treasury key holder financing the media outlet. It's all about ratings and revenue with ALL politicians and corporations.
We have let the corporations get involved in government for too ling and on the other hand we have allowed our government to become too involved in business. the one can not exist or survive without the other. blaming one side of the house is easy, accepting that the whole thing is in dire need of an overhaul is the hard part. Now that the government controls the media spin through intimidation, by poth parties, we the people are doomed to the same type of government we had from King George. we know the end result of that, but our current academia has conveniently rewritten the history of our country and our History is no longer thoroughly taught in our public schools. Our Fed education dept. is more concerned with test results than with the critical thinking skills necessary in life. So we are doomed to repeat just as the mongols, the French, Dutch, Moors, romans and Brits. All built huge empires, exhausted and depleted the treasuries, pandered to the people to stay in power by entitlement and wealth stealth and redistribution. we are soon due for the very same fiscal and moral decay and collapse.

just my redneck Midwest understanding of the world today.

Mike Straughan
Employed county resident and taxation mugging sufferer