Thursday, December 5, 2013

But Sarah Palin IS a 'WORLD-CLASS IDIOT'

Martin Bashir has resigned as host of his MSNBC show over comments he made about Sarah Palin.

Bashir made the announcement Wednesday in an email first reported by Mediaite.

He has been under pressure since his Nov. 15 broadcast, when he called the former Alaska governor a "world-class idiot" and suggested she receive the same disgusting treatment given to slaves as described in a slaveholder's diary.

Bashir was responding to Palin's comparison of America's debt to China to slavery.

The Gazette Blog echoes Bashir's sentiments, and nobody can fire us anymore.

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Anonymous said...

No, we would'nt want you to be fired! Your view points speak for themselves. A laugh everyday! Just a group of people whose president is a liar & fraud...yet follow like sheep...
so all you can do, is DENY, DEFLECT, DISTRACT, from the truth, truth being you want complete cradle to grave government take over of our lives... if you don't get your way, you whine...another nice try to distract, "PERIOD"