Blog Comments:     The GOP insists on setting itself on fire. They threaten a shutdown of the government. Because of an ideological difference with President Obama and the opposing party they want to suspend services of the entire government. 
Think about that for a second. This issue isn't a pending war, nuclear proliferation, national terrorism, or even al-Qaeda. Its because they don't agree with the Affordable Care Act.
They don't want to extend health care benefits to another 30 or 40 million people - the same people we have been paying for  - for many years. They don't want the uninsurable or the unable or the unemployed or the weakest of our lot to be able to have access to the same health care they have. In an effort to say the "Country can't afford it" they propose no alternative. None. They don't even want to give the ACA a chance. Don't want to try and re-shape a product the President told us years ago would need to be reviewed and re-shaped.
These so-called far right, evangelicals conservatives want to close the government as an expression of their differences with health care legislation - as if what we previously had was affordable and functioning well. Congress isn't functioning at all now.
Maybe it's time to give them what they want. Should we hand them the match?
Burn baby burn!