Monday, May 13, 2013

We are owed the truth about Benghazi

By Bob Edwards
Gazette Contributor 
Benghazi testimony, what facts have we learned…  #1- President Obama lied;  #2-Hillary Clinton lied;  #3-Susan Rice lied;  #4-the talking points were changed to be less real; #5-potential help for the brave men were told to stand down; #6-a cover up is underway.
Are these really facts or were the witnesses lying… who should we believe, three people who have everything to lose or politicians… probably the best bet are the witnesses. This is beginning to look a lot like the Nixon administration and their web of lies.
When we elect leaders we should have some reasonable assurance that they will be truthful… yes, we no longer expect a Jefferson or Washington, but we should at least be able to expect them to act in our country’s best interest and sadly, it appears this administration has put personal interest above the interest of the country.
Should there be further hearings… we have no other choice if we are to remain the country we should be, in the same way we had no other choice during the Nixon administration. When there is evidence that a presidential administration is lying, that is beyond serious, and we must continue to dig until all the facts are out.
At the time of the Nixon administration transgressions I was a Republican legislator and it was painful to realize that my party leader was so flawed, but in the final analysis, I realized that if my service was to have any meaning I had to put party blinders aside and view the administration in the bright light of day.
While I knew I would differ with Obama regarding his belief that big government works, I believed him when he promised transparency… sadly, I was right on the first but wrong on the second.  He and his administration owe the American people the truth regardless of where it leads.

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Brandt Hardin said...

The true shame in the Far Right’s ignorant obsession with this tragedy is the effect on the families of the victims. This entire process is being instrumented as a ruse to attempt to shame Hillary Clinton and our President. Our Republican Congressmen spend their days trying to Bamboozle Obama instead of doing what they are paid for by representing their constituents. See what kind of job they’ve done applying the blackface to the POTUS at Their hands are sticking to this tar baby as the public is becoming increasing impatient with the nonsense and waste of taxpayer money.