Friday, February 15, 2013

Time to rekindle love of man

By Bob Edwards
Former Payson Mayor
Former Michigan Legislator

As a person who spent years representing the inner city and working with the poor, the working man and low income elderly, I am puzzled why the liberals, who in the past sent their hearts out to these people, have so willingly, of late, joined the progressive movement , a movement that is at war with these same principles.

The progressive movement was born out of racism and class cleansing, and, while it has dropped  these stripes to a large degree, it has continued in its disregard for law and society as it uses class warfare and suppression of the poor as tools for its success.  It is a movement that distrusts the common person and sees government as a tool to be used to social engineer society toward their vision.  It rejects the greatness of America and sees Christianity and financial success as enemies.

The true liberal movement, on the other hand, is not about suppressing and using the poor and the downtrodden for personal gain but is about reaching out and understanding their needs and trying to help them get back on their feet. In the past the true liberal, while often not a Christian, worked well with Christians because of similar goals as spelled out by the Apostle Paul when he said we should  “help the widows and orphans”. That liberal is marked by personal efforts and not personal gain.

Today, we see many people react to their politicians like teenagers at a rock concert, a trait that seems to pervade our society in many areas as we worship sports players and sports teams, Hollywood and music stars, cult leaders, etc., causing us to be blind to the real world.  I have spent years working closely with politicians at all levels, and,  while I have often put great effort toward advancing their cause, I have never found one that comes even close to qualifying for worship status. Blind worship is what despots use to get the masses to drink the Kool-Aid.

One can understand the appeal of a government welfare program to replace street level aid because of the promised ease of effort, continuity of benefits and elimination of need, but that appeal should not blind us to the reality of the poverty prisons it has created. We can also understand the appeal of a “Model Cities” program that promises golden streets and shiny cities but, again, we should not let words blind us to the reality that it took once proud cities and turned them into cesspools of crime.

One can also understand the desire to turn all our problems over to government so as not to let the downtrodden darken our thresholds or interrupt our lives. But a person not lost in governmental or politician worship should be able to see that government at all levels is broken, corrupt and self-serving; current political parties are useless; and the current liberal and conservative movements are off target.

It would appear that America needs to rekindle proud, but humble Americans on the greatness front, honest business people on the jobs front, true liberals on the society front, true conservatives on the government front and people with open eyes, open hearts and a love of man and appreciation of country on all fronts.

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