Thursday, February 28, 2013

Editor vents on Big Lots!, racists


By Jim Keyworth
Gazette Blog Editor 

Your Blog Editor usually lays pretty low these days.  Until something or someone gets the best of him.  

Like Payson Mayor Kenny Evans pretending that the 49 years worth of potable Blue Ridge water he wants to dump on Chaparral Pines golf course can be sucked back up and resold - a "win-win" one town councilor calls it.

Like the Payson Roundup repeatedly and shamelessly shilling for the mayor and the business community - abdicating its responsibility to the people.

Like the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce pretending to be fair and wave Swiss flags around when it is obviously beholden to the Roundup and to what passes for "big business" in these parts.

But I digress.  I have two brand new things that tick me off to share with you:

1. Today's (Feb. 28) Arizona Republic contained an insert announcing the grand opening of Big Lots! in Payson.  Unfortunately, it boldly tells shoppers they can find the store in the Rim County Mall - that's right, the RIM COUNTY MALL.  And just to make sure there's no confusion, the insert includes a map that places the store on Longhorn Rd. rather than AZ 260.  Sorry folks, but sloppiness and the disrespect it connotes is not the best way to win over new customers.  And you won't read about this in the Payson Roundup, because they're too busy trying to placate a potential new advertiser to give a damn.

2. The right wing media folks who are criticizing Michelle Obama for announcing the Best Film winner during last Sunday's Oscars for demeaning the office need a bigotry check.  Presidents and First Ladies of both parties have appeared on Saturday Night Live, the Tonight Show, Letterman, and all manner of other TV shows for years.  "Isn't it just like those black people - out there shuckin' and jivin' in front of a TV camera?"  It's racism folks, plain and simple.  And feigned outrage at being called a racist will get you nowhere with me.

Okay, I feel better now.  I'll get back to editing. 

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