Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sanctity of election system should be a passion

By Bob Edwards
Gazette Contributor

We the People

June 5, 2012, the day America will decide if we have an America of free elections or an America of controlled elections. 

Through my career I have been involved in many elections, some I liked the result and some I didn’t, but in all cases I was awed by the fact we have a system that lets “We the People” choose the government they desire.

We hold elections on a regular basis requiring those seeking to hold office be tested against the will of the people, and, whether we like the result, we need the assurance that the will of the people will prevail. The sanctity of the election system should be a passion of all Americans who cherish the great freedom this exceptional country affords it citizens.

America is peppered with election impurity and we should constantly be vigilant against any fraud and should go great lengths to insure those voting are eligible to vote. In this same light, we should do all we can to make sure the candidates of our choice comes out on top, but once the election is finished we should make sure they are allowed to serve…any other result, while it may work for some in the short term, is very dangerous. 

Recalls were not a part of the U. S. Constitution but left to the members of Congress and most states operate in a similar manner. Expulsion should be based on a severe failure to uphold the oath of office. It should never be based on a disagreement in philosophy and in all cases should be done with great care. I had the occasion to be involved in the expulsion of a member of the Michigan House of Representatives and it was a difficult and heart wrenching process, as it should be.

In the last few years we have seen moves to impede the identification of voters, which can only be interpreted as a desire to soil the process, since anyone who truly desires the privilege of voting should be willing to provide proof of eligibility.

In 2008, the election for U. S. Senate in Minnesota was an election with a questionable result. Now we find that many felons voted, which may have given a different result than would have happened had the election been non-fraudulent.

Now we see a trend -- that if certain powerful lobbying groups don’t like the result of an election they use their power bases to force new elections.  As citizens of an American based on the will of “We the People,” we should be very afraid of this trend.

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Anonymous said...

Gov Walker should have told the people of Wisconsin what he was planning to do during his campaign if he didn't want to face this. He should have at least mentioned at some point that he was planning on gutting public workers collective bargaining rights during election season. This election is a referendum on that radical action. The people have the right by law to do what they are doing.