Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Class warfare will not improve our country


(Gazette Blog Editor's note: The following is a response to a recent column by Mike David.  Scroll down to read that column.)

By Bob Edwards
Gazette Contributor
The column by Mike David on why the “Occupy” groups gathered around the nation in celebration of May Day (an ancient pagan celebration that was adopted by communism) demonstrates a naivete and the dangerousness of movements that use well-meaning people for nefarious reasons.

His stated “why” reasons are:
·     A sense of powerlessness
·     A sense of isolation and disconnection from those producing food and products
·     Our forced support of a perpetual war waged for by the 1%
·     The fact the ruling class’s seat at the top of the pyramid is provided by the working class
·     The fact that power rests only with those who lust after it
·     That our place and perceived value is society is determined solely by how much we make
·     The fact that you (I assume to mean all non-strikers) don’t understand why they are striking
·     That the 1% are deliberately keeping them uninformed
·     To counter the charge that it is unrealistic to want to bring about real change
·     And the biggest reason…to exercise the American value of freedom

His final reason is because he is bothered by the lack of civility in our political system.
Our political system is rife with politicians and nefarious individuals who want to use the naivety of the citizenry for their personal reasons, which is why we should always look behind the scene for the real picture. It is easy to stir up the populace by grand sounding slogans to the point where the citizens are willing to do their bidding regardless of how damaging it is.

To tap into mistrust of large government, large institutions or large businesses is an easy tap because the mistrust is not unfounded. Our government at all levels is broken, many institutions are corrupt and self-serving, and many corporate leaders are raping their companies. But, if we are to make real change we should be cautious to not let this desire for change be used as a tool for further deterioration.

The nefarious folks behind the “Occupy” movement have tapped the slogans and made them work, false though they may be…slogans like:

“We are the 99%” (1% vs. 99%)...making it sound like all those who aren’t in the top 1% ($343,927 in 09) are with them.

“Kill capitalism”…capitalism is a main ingredient in America’s exceptionalism; it may be occasionally misguided, but to destroy it would result in worldwide third world conditions with an open gate to despots…so be careful what you wish for.

One of the movement’s big targets is Wall Street…an easy and deserving target and one that is easy to rally around…but to paint it all black without offering an alternative is, at best, naïve.

Another big target is the banks…again, an easy and deserving target. The cabal of government, the banks and the Federal Reserve System has been corrupt for years. The Feds print money to avoid the politician’s need to cut spending or raise taxes and the banks thirst after the profits it creates, even though it will ultimately send us down the same slide Greece is on. But neither the current administration nor Congress will rein them in because the system helps them in the short range election needs.

The very “Whys” the author mentions are being used on them by the backers of the movement, who are using the strikers to further their destructive goals for personal gain.

The author’s final reason is because he wants civility, a goal most Americans would desire, but a goal that is falling further from our reach by the class warfare and religious warfare being waged at the moment. Our country is a tinderbox and class warfare, fiery racial statements without facts, or radical movements (no matter how well-meaning some participants may be) that want to tear down America will not improve our country.

The right of free speech and assembly should be a thing we defend with all our efforts but the morality of nefarious folks to misuse the citizens who buy into their slogans should be questioned. 

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Anonymous said...

so whose sock puppet are you?

What solutions do you offer? More of the status quo?

Occupy may not have all the answers, but perpetuating what we have now is CERTAINLY not the answer.