Monday, May 21, 2012

Get ready - here come the racists again

By Charles Pierce
Esquire Magazine
19 May 12

ll day yesterday, the pundits told us that exposure of the borderline obscene, nakedly racist advertising plan put together on the dime of millionaire crackpot Joe Ricketts to resurrect that Jeremiah Wright issue for the 2012 campaign was going to drain all similar poisons from the election. Sunlight. Disinfectant. The whole thing.

Fat chance.

As much as it may harsh the mellow of Willard Romney, this kind of thing has become such an inherent part of the way his party does its business that he might as well decide that he no longer wants the Republicans represented by an elephant. The "Ricketts Plan" may be dead, but you've got career charlatan Ed Klein out there pimping his latest garbage. (Yesterday, Arianna's joint bit for Klein's claim that the Obamas were heading for divorce court after the president lost a congressional race to Bobby Rush. Klein's book is now called "controversial," which, of course, makes anything in it "newsworthy.") And Drudge went all red-light-alarmy this morning over a report that appears to be a misunderstanding involving the president's original literary agent.

This is likely going to be the most obviously racist presidential campaign the country has seen since people went out a'whispering about Warren Harding's black ancestry. Even if Willard Romney has the stones to unequivocally denounce the entire network dedicated to boosting this stuff into the mainstream, which he doesn't now and never will, he can't stop it. It's a feature of conservative politics, not a bug.


# cycleman60 2012-05-19 20:34
Indeed, the most racial, hateful and character assasination on a sitting president is being pursued by persons so set on the destruction of a man, not because of his inability to lead, but because he is a first Black president. These people who have committed themselves to this heinous endeavor are creating the pits of hell. These people are as racial as it can get. They are creating absolute mayhem and diversity among all parties and theological groups. I have seen it in my family. President Obama is a good human being, graceful, intelligent and absolutely presidential. It's time for the haters, racists and Obstructionists to come to their senses. American cannot prosper nor move ahead with these sort actions. If we are to move this country ahead and defeat the economical and job problems facing this country, a positive, united stand must prevail among all peoples.
0 # robbeygay 2012-05-20 15:16
Gop is not against Black at all, or even a Black President as long as it one of theirs where their $$$$ supremity can browbeat and exploit them. Republican Corporate America pay huge sums to ad agencies to ensure their adverts appeal and sell their goods to allcolors. Its about winning to put more tea in their pot.
+68 # Rich Austin 2012-05-19 20:53
If the President was white he’d win 65% - 35%.

Too many male, pale and stale southerners speak without knowing what they are saying. On a per capita basis the south draws more “entitlements” than any other part of the country, and 14 southern states have childhood poverty in excess of 20%. They are hardly a good example for any of the rest of us. Here’s the trouble: Until ol’ Bubba-Bob discovers that his pappy was lyin’ to him when he told him the confederate flag flies over our Capitol, and “Dixie” is our national anthem, he’ll continue to be dirt poor, and he’ll keep on blaming everyone but himself and his liken.

Sleazy conservatives and their Bible totin’, Penthouse readin’, hooker propositionin’ Klavern of pastors are using the “men” of the south. Why just the other day I watched as a young man at a checkout stand looked up to the man he was with and said, “Uncle Dad, why did you get mad at the mad for not allowing you to buy Billie Beer with food stamps”? Oops, that’s a different story.


Anonymous said...

The southern states always vote against their own self interest.
Pretty dumb!

Anonymous said...

When Barack Obama was running for president, he successfully managed to distance himself from the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., leaving his Chicago church during the campaign and shrugging off suggestions that the preacher's fiery rhetoric had any effect on him over the 20 years of their close friendship.

How close? Wright inspired the title of Obama's book "The Audacity of Hope." He conducted the Obamas' wedding ceremony and baptized the Obama girls. He led the family in prayer on the day Obama announced his candidacy for president. Four years later, the mere mention of Wright by political opponents is considered racist.