Friday, February 17, 2012

Missing cat could be anywhere


Hi everyone:

My name is Sandye and I work with the Rim Country Friends of Ferals. Thanks for taking a moment to read my plea for help.

I have a small cat rescue I call "Catazona" at my home in Pine. Some time ago, I rescued a cat from the Buckhead Mesa landfill. I named him Icabod and he has lived with me and his many cat friends ever since. Recently, I was compelled to re-home him to a lady who promised to love him and keep him indoors. Unfortunately, that was not the case and instead of returning Icabod to me, he was given to a man living in a transient situation who put him outside Sunday night, Feb. 12, without any regard to his safety and wellbeing. Icabod has not been seen since.

Icabod, a large male cat, mostly black with white feet, chest, and whiskers. Most notable is a small white dot located under his nose. He also has a tipped left ear. Icky is normally very friendly but may be freaked out in his new surroundings. He loves to be in the house and curled up on the bed.

Icky was last seen near the Tonto-Apache Casino in Payson but he could be just about anywhere now. I'm desperate to bring him home. If you've seen a new cat in your neighborhood that fits Icky's description (even if you just think you might have seen him), please call me at 476-3944 or email me at and I will come to check it out immediately. Attached is his picture.

Please forward this email to your friends, family, and co-workers who live in the Payson area. I'm offering a reward for his safe return to me. Thanks for your time. I so appreciate it!


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