Saturday, March 11, 2017

Muslim Lament

Gazette editor's note: The following poem by the Rim Country's own Noble Collins was originally written after the Iraq War.  In light of recent actions by the Trump administration, Noble thought it might still resonate.  We agree.

“Mission Accomplished!”
by Noble Collins

Mohammad lost a leg today.
Sahaar lost her home.
No creature stirred as bullets whirred
around an onion dome,
No safety found within a mosque,
or in a crowded Square.
A drive-by shooting got Abdul.
A car-bomb dropped Aamir.
No running water for a week.
Thank Allah for some rain,
but now we cannot boil it.
The electric’s off again.

They say that we are liberated,
and now can go to school.
But “SHOCK AND AWE” obliterated
every desk and stool.
Perhaps I need reminding
just how bad, the highs and lows
when I could shop in local stores,
and browse library rows.
It must have been horrific then
to see me suffer so
and I should now be joyful
that I’m free of Saddam’s woe.

My country is so pleasant,
even though it is a pity
that I stumble through the rubble
to enjoy my war-torn city
But, now I live in freedom,
so I’ll place a laurel wreath
‘round the necks of khaki saviors
for all that they bequeath.

I’m free to sing and worship,
and to say what’s on my mind,
and I’d do it, too, but right now
I have family to find.

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