Friday, April 29, 2016

Kim Chittick opens run for Payson Town Council with big Western Village fundraiser

Payson Town Council candidate Kim Chittick thanks supporters for turning out at her first fundraiser as Jimmy Slider of Plum Krazy looks on.

Kim Chittick's event was catered by Susie of Susie's Q, shown here with the candidate.

Kim Chittick shared the stage with local band Plum Krazy at Western Village Thursday night.  (Photos by Patti Keyworth.)

All eyes were on Payson Town Council candidate Kim Chittick as she opened the local political season with a spectacular fundraiser at Western Village Thursday evening.

 Chittick, who got into the race to bring transparency back to local government, outlined her platform to enthusiastic attendees:
  • Transparency in town government.
  • Support small, local businesses.
  • Increase tourism promotion.
  • Update town's emergency and firewise plans.
  • Term limits, checks and balances for mayor, council and town manager.
  • Increase usability of Multi-Event Center.
  • Support public safety departments and work towards bringing salary and equipment needs in line with state averages.
  • Let private sector deal with four-year university while town government focuses on public projects.
  • Find and develop the "Heart" of Payson.

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