Tuesday, August 18, 2015

4 Criticisms of Bernie and Why They're Wrong

Robert Reich. (photo: Getty Images)
Robert Reich. (photo: Getty Images)

By Robert Reich, Robert Reich's Facebook Page
ere are the 4 recurring criticisms of Bernie Sanders by the mainstream media, and why they're wrong:
  1. He doesn't appeal to Latinos and blacks. Wrong. As his name recognition and message grow, Latinos and blacks are joining up because they recognize he's talking about the toxic interaction between racism and economic inequality. Last night's Sanders event in Los Angeles included large numbers of Latinos and blacks.

  2. He's too far to the left to appeal to mainstream voters. Wrong again. Many who consider themselves conservatives are just as outraged by crony capitalism and abuses of power. Sanders is helping give life to an encompassing progressive movement to take economic and political power away from an elite that's rigged the system against the vast majority.

  3. He's too old. Nonsense. He's only five years older than Hillary Clinton and two years older than Joe Biden, and anyone who's watched him zip around the country these past few months (usually by commercial aircraft) and give thunderous speeches know he's strong and vital.

  4. He can't be elected. That's what they said about John F. Kennedy, referring to his Catholicism, and Barack Obama, referring to his race and his name. The "can't be elected" mantra is meaningless this early in the race anyway.
What do you think?


+172 # Moxa 2015-08-11 14:40
Yes, yes, yes and yes. All four criticisms are fallacious. The mainstream media DON'T WANT Bernie Sanders to succeed. So they say all these things about him. The only thing exotic about Bernie is that he really IS for the people, and means what he says. The MSM can't stand that.
+8 # Merlin 2015-08-12 00:01
OFF TOPIC: but pertinent and interesting.

Clinton Reportedly To Turn Over Server To the Justice Department After Months of Demands From Congress.
+8 # Inspired Citizen 2015-08-12 05:20
OFF TOPIC: but pertinent and interesting.

How does a grassroots campaign overcome the huge advantage in money and name recognition that Clinton has? Leverage! It's not just for Donald Trump.
-15 # Krackonis 2015-08-12 09:13

I thought committing crimes puts you in prison?
+3 # bingers 2015-08-14 10:46
Quoting Krackonis:

I thought committing crimes puts you in prison?

I'm not for Hillary, but if you're talking crimes, what she did was allowed until after she had left, but if you think it a crime, how about Condi Rice who did the same thing, using computers that weren't from the state dept, and then, when she left office deleting every single email she sent or received during her term.
+16 # Vardoz 2015-08-12 16:52
Bernie better get ready. This kind of shit slinging is coming his way and I know he knows it. He's not a new comer to this crap. We know this is bullshit and so do tens of thousands of others.
+12 # ritawalpoleague 2015-08-13 08:18
Oh so true, Moxa. With my old journalism degree and journalist background, it makes me want to puke when I hear and read #'s 1. through 4., particularly #4, over and over again.

Election fraud, via software 'fixing' of presidential and other elections (such as what happened in 2000 in Florida, when Jeb Bush was governor, and his brother, George Bush, got 'defrauded' into office), is difficult plus for the defrauders to pull off, when massive numbers turn out to vote for Bernie Sanders.

And, it's logical plus to anticipate such a turnout, across the country, based on the massive turnouts at Bernie gatherings, that Bernie is experiencing.

Real McCoy change, so needed today in our U.S. of (greed and need for power over all) A.(ddiction), is not possible via the election (or election frauding) of more Bush's or Clinton's, but is very likely when Bernie gets the Dem. nomination, then gets elected in '16, with massive supporter turnouts.

+138 # Doggone 2015-08-11 16:41
I totally believe he's electable. I believe Bernie. I don't trust anyone else and I'm in. I am tired though of the way the media is marginalizing him. He has a following, how can we force his presence into mainstream media?
+125 # gdsharpe 2015-08-11 21:57
We all need to write letters to the Editor, point up Bernie's good points to our friends, promote him strongly to everyone, volunteer to his campaign, and (unfortunately) put money into his campaign.
WE have to be his press corps, WE have to be the organizers, WE have to be proactive. WE have to out-Obama Obama's first campaign. WE have to behave the way Democracy intended, WE have to be active PARTICIPANTS.
That is how we force his presence into the mainstream.
+16 # Old4Poor 2015-08-12 15:27
I also retweet any article about him. While I only have a few thousand followers, if some of them then retweet, the word gets around.

Social Media can contact so many.
+14 # Vardoz 2015-08-12 16:45
Better yet we all need to call Polosi, Reed and Keith Ellison and tell them we are voting for Sanders not matter what, that we are outraged that he is not getting air time TV when he is drawing such gigantic crowds, that we want a debate with Hillary and we do not want support the current Oligarchy and this is why we are voting for Sanders!!!! We need to call in big numbers - these democrats need to get the message 202-224-3121 and ask for the rep. It wouldn't hurt to call your rep too. We plan to write him in if he's not on the ballot.
+47 # tomwalker8 2015-08-12 07:36
I agree that Bernie is absolutely electabe and strongly suspect that a great deal of negative spin about him has its roots in the so called Corporate Democratic wing. Hillary is their candidate and they are eager to do what they can to blunt Bernies growing popularity. His appeal, in my opinion, cuts deftly across party lines. One need not be a progressive to want "too big to jail, er fail" banks broken up, to take real steps to wean political campaigns off of billionaire dependency, or to squarely address institutionaliz ed inequality among citizens. When police increasingly act as if citizens are an enemy force, one to be confronted with the sort of military equipment and tactics meant for genuine war zones, something has gone frighteningly wrong.
-25 # RHytonen 2015-08-12 09:08
Quoting Doggone:
I totally believe he's electable. I believe Bernie. I don't trust anyone else and I'm in. I am tired though of the way the media is marginalizing him. He has a following, how can we force his presence into mainstream media?

And I only trust Mountain (=GREEN) party candidates.
They're the only ones that would actually fight to ban fracking nationally THEMSELVES (not just "urge people in the states to support bans" - which MY TOWN patently proves, would simply not be enforced LOCALLY.)
GREENS are also the ONLY ones who would not accept for-profit corporate industry funds WHEN RUNNING IN THE GENERAL.
By choosing to run as a Democrat,Bernie would NOT even have that choice to make.
P.S.: He has already stated he would support Hillary "if" ;) he lost the Primary.
-Would you?
If (when) he does support her, would you (having worked and contributed for Bernie,)even have that choice?
+21 # rayb-baby 2015-08-12 12:35
I am full bore Bernie, but if Hillary gets the nomination I will ABSOLUTELY support her in the general election. No matter what she's done, or what you think of her, she's a far better choice than putting ANY Repug in the White House. Don't forget, this also comes down to Supreme Court nominations and I (you) don't want another Scalia, Thomas or Alito in there.

Support your Greens on the local level. Help grow the party as their influence increases. Voting for a Green for President now, or ANY 3rd party candidate that has NO CHANCE IN HELL of being elected, is a TOTAL waste and just contributes to the possibility of having a Repug in the WH.

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