Sunday, September 28, 2014

Time to replace the Eagle as U.S. symbol...

Time to bring the eagle in for a landing?  Journalist Molly Ivins proposed a surprising replacement.
Photo by Bill Huddleston

...with a red, white and blue condom

[Gazette Blog Editor's note: Sorry this is a bit salty, but that's what you get with Molly Ivins, the late, great Texas journalist.  And it's a message we all can agree on - whether you lean to the left or the right.]

I think it’s high time we changed our national symbol from the eagle to a red, white and blue condom. A condom allows for inflation, it  halts production, it destroys the next generation, and it protects a bunch of pricks.  Plus it gives you a sense of security while you are actually being screwed.

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