Tuesday, September 23, 2014

LETTER: Is Kenny sodomizing environment?


A crime against Nature!

The proposal to build an industrial park on that beautiful spot is an outrage. I hope the Gazette enters this critical fight. (Something smells about the proposal. Rim Club owns the property and would do anything to sell. Mayor Evans and HPR ammo mfg. President are very, very cozy.) City Council and Mayor very religious.

But will they support the sodomizing of our environment?

Walt Tonne


Anonymous said...

If the pioneers that came here before us had the same anti-growth- do not build attitude, none of us would be living here.

And yes, the land/property that we all live on currently was beautiful and pristine at one time.

Did our fore-fathers commit a crime against nature by developing our homes?

Anonymous said...

The land in question is PRIVATE property. Within reason, the owners should be able to build and develop it as they wish.

The same people that demand that the property should remain unchanged would be screaming if someone told them what they can or cannot do with their own PRIVATE property.

Example: People are against laws requiring owners to firewise and remove a few bushes.

Why? Because it requires telling someone what to do with their private property. And we all know we can't do that.

But they don't seem to have a problem telling others what they can do with theirs.

Walt Tonne said...

Anonymous, you read like a spokesman for the Chamber of Commerce. Boogie on!!