Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Changing attitudes toward gays revolutionary

[Gazette Blog Editor's note: The following is excerpted from a July 27, 2014 column by Arizona Republic Editorial Writer Linda Valdez headlined "In America, there's a steady march toward social justice."  To read the entire column, click on]

There's a steady march toward justice in America.

You won't see it in the hysteria over migrant children.

You won't see it in the GOP's relentless bashing of the nation's first Black president.

But it's happening.

Daughter by daughter, son by son.  It's happening.

America's sometimes unfulfilled but always shining ideals are triumphing.  

I'm gay, says a son.  And the parents join a "more light church" that welcomes all God's children.

I'm a lesbian, says a daughter.  And her family keeps their arms open wide.  This changes nothing: You still have to clean your room.

Acceptance.  Love.  OMG, they didn't freak out.

These are enormous victories.  The condemnation from other parents - past and present - still reverberates in the lives of those who were rejected for being who they are.  For whom they love.

But the times they are a-changin'....

There was plenty of fear-mongering and backlash.  Still is.  Groups with words like "traditional" and "values" in their name peddle bigotry.  And it sells.  But not as easily as it used to.

Minds changed.  Hearts opened.  It happened so fast that it almost seems impossible.  It was a social change of enormous magnitude in the blink of an eye....

Now a majority of Americans tell pollsters they think same-sex couples should be allowed to wed.  Now the courts are tearing down the barriers....

So we advance.  State by state.  Life by life.  Human victory by human victory.

The haters will keep on hating.  But justice is moving like a cool breeze through the desert after a summer rain.  It smells sweet, and it's full of promise.

Take a moment to savor it.

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