Sunday, March 10, 2013

I'd gladly pay more taxes


(Gazette Blog Editor's note: Another great letter from The Arizona Republic.  This one appeared in the Sunday, March 10 edition.)

I am happy to pay the amount of taxes that I pay, I wish my earnings were more so that I could pay more in taxes, and I believe the wealthiest among us and the many greedy corporations we have should be taxed at a much higher rate.

These individuals and corporations have made their millions and billions because of the freedoms in this great country and the labor and sweat of the many millions of underpaid and overworked Americans they employ.  I can think of no more patriotic acts that the wealthiest of individuals and corporations could perform than to pay their fair share in federal taxes.

Jack E. Salyer

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Anonymous said...

Former M.S.P.B. Judge Salyer's comments seem to care for the average worker. However he had no problem ignoring the clear wording of the Whistleblower Protection Act when he decided that an employee facing discharge did not have a reasonable belief that contraband prohibited by federal law was actually prohibited contraband therefore Immigration Judges violated no law when they brought booze into a prison. In other words, he does not live in the real world and his opinion should be discounted.