Thursday, July 26, 2012

Please explain your gun paranoia


Please understand, nobody wants to take your guns away.  Why would we?

But we would like to know why you need all that firepower?  And why you're so opposed to regulations that keep the guns out of the hands of the idiots and the deranged?

Can one of you gun people please answer those questions.  Because to those of us who don't feel the need to own guns, it seems really, really stupid -- a big waste of money and innocent lives.
A Payson Liberal

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Anonymous said...

Well, let me give it a try.
First of all, if you would check, I believe you would find that there are already laws and restrictions in place to keep someone who has been diagnosed as insane, from buying a gun.
Second, you seem to want to take it further than the "insane" or "deranged" and apply it to "idiots". Who will we let define "idiot" and who will decide which political enemies get added to the list of idiots? defines "idiot" as a foolish or stupid person. It has a list of synonyms, which includes: "know-nothing, moron, natural, donkey (we won't take that one to the next level).
We have an admistration who will not refer to our enemy of radical Islamic fighters who see Jihad as their goal, as "terrorists"; but will refer to supporters of the original intent of the Constitution as "domestic terrorists". These are not the people I want making an "idiot" list.