Sunday, January 22, 2012



This afternoon neighbor Bob Nichols asked if I'd heard anything from the Gila Co. Elections Dept. about training sessions for poll workers for the upcoming election. I replied I hadn't, but would call as soon as I returned to the house. I called and inquired and a lady told me that there would only be one worker at our local polling place - the Gisela Community Center for a period of four (4) hours to accept mail in ballots. She said we'd receive a letter from the county next week. 

I said that since we hadn't heard anything, we figured we'd been replaced by ACORN people.  This evening I called Bob and told him what the lady told me and he said she called him after talking to me.  

Too many questions arise here. What about those who plan on marking a ballot at their usual polling place? (Lady said some polling places would be combined). Bob used the word DISENFRANCHISED. Is the elections dept going to inform all registered Republicans and the two "Greens" by mail that there won't be traditional polling places for some precincts?

If the E.D. is smart they'll send mail-in ballots to all those eligible to vote and tell them they WON'T be able to vote at their regular polling place. That key word is smart. Good luck with that.

Who will count these ballots, ACORN people? Will there be witnesses to the counting? Too much is at stake here. E.D. has to start with notices every day (in the local media) telling Gila Co. voters what is going to happen.

George Demack

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