Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Donations allow Bleck to reach new home

Bleck with his new dad.

Remember the brief story we recently ran about Bleck, a military working dog in need of a new home?  Here's a follow-up:


Military Working Dog Adoptions wishes to convey our heartfelt thanks to YOU for your donation to us!

Here are the wonderful things you enabled us to do in this last week:

** Retired MWD Bleck J219 was rehomed and flown from San Antonio, TX, to Las Vegas, Nevada on January 2, 2012, to live with his new ‘Dad’ who is a USAF Major.

** Retiring Contract Working Dog (CWD) Tosca was flown from San Antonio, TX to Ohio to join her US Marine Handler Danial Swafford. They were reunited around on January 7, 2012, at 7:30 pm CDT in Columbus, Ohio.

** Retired MWD Zito F469 was provided for after his sudden death on January 8, 2012, from complications caused during his years of military service. We we able to provide for the appropriate processing of this war hero’s remainsfor his adoptive family because of your kindness and generosity.

We thank you for being there for our Hero Military K-9s and for your generosity in this tough economy! We invite you to remember us when you can.  Thank YOU for HELPING US HELP America’s HERO MWDs!!  We really could NOT have done this WITHOUT YOUR KINDNESS!!!

With deepest appreciation,
Debbie Kandoll

Go to to help or for more information.

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