Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Threatening us? Here's some critique for you, Kellyanne: F-ck you and F-ck Trump

I just read the Daily Kos piece by Hunter titled: Kellyanne Conway to Trump critics: Be careful what you say​, an important read.

Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway threatened Harry Reid for harshly criticizing Trump’s election and all the ugliness Trump stands for. Conway says Reid should be “very careful about characterizing somebody in a legal sense.” Reid replied “It only took five days for President-elect Trump to try to silence his critics with the threat of legal action. This should shock and concern all Americans.” And it most definitely does. 
Hunter writes:

Donald Trump's minions seem to be confused about this, so let's fill them in on something they're going to need to know going forward: The President of the United States has the least legal protection against criticism or libel of anyone in the country. As the ultimate public figure, courts are obliged to grant public citizens wide leeway. This is why, for example, elected public officials, private citizens, and the Fox News channel have been repeatedly able to peddle 100% false information about Barack Obama for a decade with absolutely no repercussions.
Once again, I’m stunned. Here’s a bit of critique for you, Kellyanne: Fuck you and fuck Trump.  #NotMyPresident. You think you can silence people who criticize the first outwardly racist, xenophobic, homophobic, lying, bigoted sexual predator 'elected' president in history? Good luck with that. It was fine to trash President Obama for eight years and all throughout your fat-cat boss’s entire campaign? You are as bad as he is. Almost every sentence that comes from your mouth is  a lie. 

How dare you spit on our democracy and our First Amendment freedom of speech.

I continue to be wtf’d. I do not, and never will believe the majority of Americans legitimately elected Trump and his disgusting cronies. Still calling foul. I may be naive, but I believe there is too much good in this country for Trump to win on his own. Unfuckingbelievable.

Not even one week has gone by and they're acting like a dictatorship.

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