Thursday, June 2, 2016

Donald Trump Must Release His Tax Returns

Robert Reich. (photo: unknown)
Robert Reich. (photo: unknown)

By Robert Reich, Robert Reich's Facebook Page
25 May 16
onald Trump is still refusing to release his tax returns, claiming that “there’s nothing to learn from them.” But voters deserve to decide that on their own. In the interest of a transparency and a fully informed electorate, Donald Trump must immediately release his tax returns for public scrutiny. There's no excuse to keep hiding this information from the public. Trump wants to conduct the people’s business from our nation's highest office -- so we deserve to see how he’s conducted his private business too.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have already released their tax returns, and Donald Trump is the only candidate left in the race who's holding out. 

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+56 # danireland46 2016-05-25 09:20
F. Scott Fitzgerald in his classic, The Great Gatsby, says simply "The rich are not like us." This simple sentence is the essence of people like Trump. They've been separated from the life experiences of the common man, and vaccinated against the pain of ordinary life by virtue of their wealth. They get what they want while we have trouble getting what we need. They do what they want, while we dream about that possibility. Our dreams keep us going, they don't understand dreamers.

Unfortunately, dreams are all we have, so we read about "The Secret" and we think that if we believe hard enough, if we vibrate in harmony with the rich, we can become rich. We've seen Trump stomp all over common competitors in his reality show and we think, "He doesn't sound any smarter than me, I could be him." So we accept him as a model and we're willing to forgive his foibles, including weak excuses about not releasing his tax returns.

Wake up people; this isn't Oz and the guy behind that curtain isn't God, it's a poor little rich boy who never grew up.
+15 # tingletlc 2016-05-25 09:40
Quoting danireland46:
F. Scott Fitzgerald in his classic, The Great Gatsby, says simply "The rich are not like us."

Not unless you have a page citation. I think you're referring to a maybe apocryphal anecdote about a conversation between Fitzgerald and Hemingway, in whose canonical version Scott says something like "The rich are different from us" and Ernest replies "Yeah, they have more money."
+17 # rocback 2016-05-25 11:22
Tax returns expose a lot of things like:
1. How aggressive bordering on illegal were you in taking deductions
2. What nefarious people were on your payroll who you gave 1099's to
3. Whether you gave a fair share to charities.
4. How did you cheat by using IRA's for different levels of stock ownership like when we foudn out Romney had over $100 million in his IRA
5. Who did you give money to like when it showed Obama giving so much to Jeremiah Wright
6. The actual income from the assets Trump claimed in his federal disclosure ( He estimated his "brand name of Trump was worth $3 billion whereas Forbes said it was only $125 million)
7. Clinton's whitewater land deals got a lot of scrutiny including her gain of $100,000 on cattle futures

Every President since Nixon who by the way was under audit at the time has released their returns. What is he hiding?

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