Sunday, December 13, 2015

LETTER: 'Evans, Connell violating public trust'

December 10, 2015

In my opinion, Payson Mayor Kenny Evans and Councilwoman Sue Connell are actively participating in ongoing egregious violations of the Town of Payson Code of Ethical Behavior for Town Officials Policy. Their participation as voting members of the MHAFoundation (A University project funding source) is in direct conflict with their Town elected duty to protect and support the interests of the citizen taxpayers of Payson.

Their board memberships and allegiance to the University and Charter School planning boards (MHAF & Rim Country Educational Alliance) violate the public trust. The interests and needs of the University/Charter School, and related private spin off private developments will come before them for a vote in their Official Town Government positions. Item’s such as new or expanded roads, public safety services, water delivery, zoning, construction permitting, are just a few issues that will impact Town resources and finances.

There is no public decision making authority in the current approval process for this project. Citizens must rely on our elected officials to act in the interest of the people of Payson, and to be fully transparent. Mayor Evans and Councilwoman Connell must follow the Towns ethical code policy and must recuse themselves from voting on any Town issue related to the Multi University/Charter School developments that may come before them. This should help calm any public perception of official government impropriety that currently exists in our community.

Donald Evans


Anonymous said...

As soon as the people of Payson realize that Kenny and his friends have always had a "hidden agenda" then you can begin the impeachment process.

Fred Wisner said...

The utter corruption surrounding the proposed campus is worthy of an "offical" inquiry. Bloated bastards rubbing their hands expecting a huge financial bonanza for themselves. Wondering if the ASU Board of Regents is as putrid as some of our local officals.