Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gila County issues hard freeze alert

GILA COUNTY - A strong and dry cold front is expected to move into Gila County Thursday afternoon. This low is expected to remain over the region through the upcoming weekend and into early next week bringing an Extended Cold Wave.

Strong winds with blowing dust are possible on Thursday afternoon. There is a possible chance for scattered showers and mountain snow late Thursday into early Friday. Very cold temperatures with the strong possibility of a freeze or even a hard freeze are expected all the way from Saturday morning into next Tuesday morning.

Winter storms remind us to be prepared to survive winter conditions for 3-5 days. Citizens are encouraged to stock basic supplies such as food, water, extra clothing and blankets, at home and in your car. Make sure your home has sufficient heating fuel and keep your vehicle tank at least ½ full. Don’t forget to include supplies for your pets as well.

Have enough prescriptions on hand for 5-7 days so you don’t experience any disruption.

Have a go box ready with copies of important papers such as home and flood insurance policies, prescriptions, and medical records.

Before travelling, check statewide road conditions by dialing 5-1-1 for the Arizona Department of Transportation.

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