Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rant & Rave -- November 8, 2009

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I guess a politician is a politician -- no matter what level of government.  Star Valley Councilor George Binney tried to get the SV council to impose term limits on its members.  But guess what?  The SV council opted to stay in power as long as it can.  Is it time for the voters to throw the bums out?


Congratulations to the Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District and also to us people in Pine and Strawberry. We now own our own water business, owe the bank more than $6 million with a $50,000/month payment, have just as many leaks as before, have brought no new water to the communities (Pugel and Peterson aren't cooperating), and have a contract manager running the show. Somewhere (Brooke Utilities President Robert) Hardcastle must be smiling, having a cold beer, smoking a cigar, and asking himself, "What were they thinking?" He did it again!


Why does everyone keep wanting to change Payson? Why do we need a big airport? Why do we need a 4 year college? Why do we want 7 story buildings? If people want to live in a city with a large airport and a big college and tall buildings, there are plenty to choose from. True Paysonites like living in Payson because of its small town charm, its surrounding forests and clean air. It is nice going to Safeway or Bashas’ and running into your neighbors whom you know by name, waving to your friends as you walk down the street, knowing who is at the movies by the cars you see in the parking lot. So if you don't like Payson as it is, don't try to change it...move!


Funny, The Arizona Republic did a huge story on ASU and other state colleges’ plans to expand to rural areas and not a single mention of Payson (“Economy delaying lower-cost colleges,” Nov. 2 edition). In part, the story says it now looks like nothing will happen before 2012. It also says that “participating community colleges have not yet been determined.” And it says that besides some possible sites in the Valley, “ASU officials also have received interest from Show Low, Lake Havasu City and Florence, as well as the Central Arizona College system in Pinal County.” What, no Payson? How can this be when the Roundup says Mayor Kenny has all but locked up an ASU campus for Payson? Could it be yet another example of the Roundup shilling for the mayor? Or maybe the mayor shilling for himself and the Roundup taking him at his word and not checking the facts? So many questions. Come on (Roundup reporter) Pete (Aleshire). Quit blowing all those words up our butts and start giving us the truth. And Kenny Who claims ASU won’t come here unless he is reelected mayor. What a scam.


Stop it Forest Service! Stop fouling my air! Stop contributing to global warming! Stop burning what could be put to better use. Read the latest research on prescribed burning and JUST STOP IT!


Forget the bronze elk. Judging by how many hours it took umpteen Town of Payson streets employees to spread a little granite and place rocks in a circle at the Tyler Parkway roundabout, I vote for a giant doughnut to be the centerpiece. Talk about government bureaucracy in action. The difference this time: they were screwing off in a very public place where we could all see them. I never saw so much shovel-leaning in my life.


(Editor’s note: The following is a response to my “Off the Rim” column about growing up Methodist in Michigan, which also contained a diatribe about Christians needing to be more tolerant of other religions.)

Well said, Jim. However it does appear that our government wants to shut out all reference to Christianity while allowing others to freely express theirs. I am a firm believer that our Churches of today are unintentionally misinforming their followers. I can see where some of their teachings are hurting society as a whole, but no faiths are free of this opinion in my belief. We are no longer teaching the values of a good society. I believe the least they should teach is the "Golden Rule." In fact I would like for us to have the "Golden Law". We will do unto you as you have done unto others; and your neighbors will be your judge. I believe that this would cure a lot of troublemakers in all the communities, because any hate you built up in your neighbors against you would come out when they are your judge.


Judging from the great turnout for First Friday on Main Street, there is plenty of interest in making it once again the heart of Rim Country. The Payson Town Council needs to get with the program and show a little support for a change.  Payson needs Main Street, now more than ever.


Cowboytoo said...

The Rant seems to always attract one or two ignorant folks who just want to feel important with a negative attack on something. They don't have their facts straight, and they don't bother to check.

The individuals seen working on the Roundabout are almost one hundred percent volunteers. A civic minded group called The Gateway Committee has worked for a long time to raise money and get landscaping approved for the ugly pile of dirt which at 87 and Tyler Parkway. The city put in a water line and an electrictical conduit - PERIOD. All other work is being done either by committee members or by a professional landscape co. hired by them. Even the landscapers have donated services.
Whether there is ever a bronze elk there or not depends on fund raising efforts in the future.

payson place said...

Forget the Elk. How about a large used Cowboy Boot with a timed water hose shooting water out the top of it every 15 minutes? Much cheaper, enviro friendly, and in line with a country western theme. Could have it up and running in one day!!!