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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Prop. to move up filing deadline for initiatives too close to call

Cronkite News Service

PHOENIX – The outcome remained unclear Tuesday night for a measure to move up by two months the deadline for submitting citizens’ initiatives for the ballot.

Unofficial returns showed “yes” and “no” votes almost even late in the evening.

Citizen groups proposing initiatives to change statutes or the state constitution currently have a deadline of four months before the election. Proposition 112 would change that to six months.

Voters approve proposition to cut affirmative action 

Cronkite News Service

PHOENIX – Arizona voters have approved a ballot measure to eliminate affirmative action programs in state and local governments.

Unofficial returns showed Proposition 107 leading by a wide margin.

Supporters said the need for affirmative action has long passed and amount to discrimination. They succeeded in amending the state’s constitution to ban state government and municipalities from giving preferential treatment on the basis of sex, race, color, ethnicity or national origin.

Four other states have passed similar measures. They are California, Nebraska, Washington and Michigan.

Voters approve proposition allowing health care plan opt-out

Cronkite News Service

PHOENIX – Voters on Tuesday approved a ballot measure that would allow Arizonans to opt out of any federal or state health care mandate.

Unofficial returns showed Proposition 106 leading by a wide margin.

Supporters offered the proposition to amend the state constitution in anticipation of the federal health care reform law enacted earlier this year. They argued that Arizonans should retain control over their health care decisions.

“The majority of Arizona voters, I believe, have said very clearly that the decision belongs in the hands of families and not in the hands of politicians,” said Dr. Eric Novack, chairman of Arizonans for Health Care Freedom.

Leaders: Rejection of fund-transfer propositions means deep cuts

Cronkite News Service

PHOENIX – Voters rejected two ballot propositions Tuesday that would have transferred almost $450 million from two voter-approved funds to address the state budget deficit.

Unofficial returns showed both propositions trailing by a wide margin.

Legislative leaders called the defeat of Proposition 301 and Proposition 302 a huge blow that will require cuts to state programs.

Voters say no to lieutenant governor for Arizona

Cronkite News Service

PHOENIX – Voters on Tuesday rejected a ballot measure to create the post of lieutenant governor, which would have replaced the secretary of state position.

Unofficial returns showed Proposition 111 trailing by a wide margin.

This is the second time such a ballot measure has gone down, with a similar proposition to create a separate office of lieutenant governor failing in 1994.

Voters approve secret-ballot proposition for union organizing

Cronkite News Service

PHOENIX – Employees interested in forming a union in Arizona may find the process a little lengthier after voters approved a proposition requiring a secret ballot vote.

Unofficial returns Tuesday night showed Proposition 113 passing with a wide lead.

The proposition is a move to counter proposed federal legislation called the Employee Free Choice Act that would eliminate the option of a secret ballot if a majority of workers sign a petition in favor of unionizing.

Supporters of the proposition, aimed at making a secret ballot mandatory after workers petition to form a union, say that without confidentiality employees are vulnerable to pressure to join in.

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